On Southwest 74 Street in Oklahoma City off of Interstate 240, in a strip shopping center stands the latest in fine dining from the Mediterranean; “Zaza Mediterranean Cuisine” emblazoned in bright red lights, on its outer façade. Its interior is the perfect definition of modern dining, with a touch of the Mediterranean culture. And its courteous staff committed to ensuring your experience exceeds your expectation.

ZaZa Mediterranean Menu

A kid’s menu will allow children to sample something called a “kofta sandwich”. But patrons of Mediterranean eateries in the Oklahoma City area will recognize the offerings found under the title of “Kabob Corner” that indicates that in addition to a variety of kabobs they will also be offered “HUMMUS” and “BABA GHANOUSH”. The eatery’s opening will increase the proliferation of the variety of lentil soup that is found in Oklahoma City.  And The history of the individual who will operate that establishment, Rafi Handawy , accounts for the diverse items that will be served there.

The Heritage of ZaZa Cuisine

Perusal of the menu  presented to customers there include items not normally found in such places. Those dishes include “SFEEHA”, “HUMUS” and “BABA GANOUSH”. The latter item is described as consisting of “Puree of eggplant with tahini, garlic and olive oil”. That document also includes a heading titled “Appetizers” that offers “Labaneh”, Made with goat milk with lemon, topped with olive oil; Spanakopita (Crispy fried dough, stuffed with spinach and feta cheese); “Vegetarian Grape Leaves” (Rolled grape leaves, stuffed with rice and vegetables, cooked with olive oil and lemon juice) and “Cheese Turnover” (Crispy fried dough stuffed with mixed cheeses).