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More than just fine dining, Zaza is an experience. Delicious, authentic, Mediterranean dishes that you’ll love.

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About ZAZA Restaurant

Our Story

On Southwest 74 Street in Oklahoma City off of Interstate 240, in a strip shopping center stands the latest in fine dining from the Mediterranean. Its exterior  displays “Zaza Mediterranean Cuisine” emblazoned in bright red lights, on its outer facade. The  interior,  the perfect definition of modern dining, with a touch of the Mediterranean culture. And its courteous staff committed to ensuring your experience exceeds your expectation.

Perusal of the menu that will be soon be presented to customers there include items not normally found in such places. Those dishes include SFEEHA, HUMUS and BABA GANOUSH. The latter item is described as consisting of “Puree of eggplant with tahini, garlic and olive oil”. The menu also includes a heading titled “Appetizers” that offers “Labaneh”, Made with goat milk with lemon, topped with olive oil; Spanakopita (Crispy fried dough, stuffed with spinach and feta cheese); “Vegetarian Grape Leaves” (Rolled grape leaves, stuffed with rice and vegetables, cooked with olive oil and lemon juice) and “Cheese Turnover” (Crispy fried dough stuffed with mixed cheeses).


ZaZa’s Best Ever Flavored

hookah Bar

Since its Opening, Zaza Mediterranean Cuisine has pioneered the art of hookahs. Our Hookah is a waterpipe used for smoking tobacco. Hookah smoking, also known as narghile, shisha, and goza, etc. Our Hookah is often flavored with molasses, mint, chocolate, honey, or fruit, such as cherry or apple etc.. You will realize our hookah in a completely new light as our Hookah is best ever tasted hookah with lots of flavored what you have imagined ever. our Fresh cut and flavored hookah is the best you’ll ever smoke. We guarantee our hookah taste to be fresh and tasty. Our flavoring extracts and oils are a combination of the best flavors available and our tobacco is marinated with a perfectly balanced mix of premium honey and molasses without the use of any dyes, bleaching or color enhancers.

ZAZA Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • $3.59


    Homemade dough covered in fresh ground beef, diced tomatoes pine nuts and spices and baked

  • $3.99

    Spinach Pie*

    Homemade dough stuffed with spinach, onions, lemon juice and olive oil

  • $5.99

    Chicken Nuggets

    includes fries and a drink

  • $07.00/$10.00


    • Sandwich - $07.00
    • Combo - $10.00

    Ground beef patty with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo and pickles, served with American cheese on pita bread

  • $3.99

    Strawberry Banna Juice

    Strawberry Banna Juice

  • $5.99


    Fried, cracked wheat stuffed with ground beef, onion and pine nuts.

What Our Clients Say


Beautiful dining experience, professional waitstaff, and the food is fabulous! Loved the personal attention the chef gave to each detail; beautiful presentation. The plated meal is an amazing, delicious piece of art. He came out of the kitchen during our meal to be sure we were 100% satisfied. We are so happy to have ZaZa Mediterranean Cuisine on our side of The City.

Dana Palesano Morris

We wanted something new and unique for Easter lunch. We drove across town to try the Mediterranean cuisine. We loved it. I had the chicken kabob and found the chicken was cooked perfectly. Often, such chicken dishes are overcooked and over-salted but this was not. Further, the baba ganoush was extraordinarily good. My brother had the lamb Kabob and found it excellent. The hummus was quite good. And we enjoyed sharing the orange rice pudding. We will be back again and try the salmon.

Terrell Monks

First upscale Mediterranean restaurant I’ve ever tried and it was a very pleasant experience. The food was amazing and the menu choices were refreshing. The staff really made the experience wonderful; our host and chef came to the table frequently and engaged with the kids present. Hopefully business goes well and they can move into a standalone building in a more popular area soon!

Kaitlyn Cameron


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